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When people ride bikes, great things happen.

Narration by NBA Hall Of Famer and ESPN personality Bill Walton

The Tim Blumenthal Legacy Fund provides a way for donors to honor Tim's role in

furthering PeopleForBikes' vital work. The fund is committed to supporting Tim's passion:

making bicycling easier and safer for everyone. 



Tim Blumenthal began his remarkable career as a cycling journalist, serving as an editor for VeloNews, Bicycling Magazine and Mountain Bike.

He worked as a writer, advisor and commentator for NBC at six Summer Olympic Games and for ABC at L.A.’s 1984 Olympics. He was a commentator for 30 ESPN and Outdoor Life Network telecasts and a writer for 50 network cycling telecasts. Tim became the executive director of the International Mountain Bicycling Association in 1993 and ran the organization for 11 years. He took his current role at PeopleForBikes in 2004 (Bikes Belong at the time; the name changed to PeopleForBikes in 2013) and has been our fearless leader ever since. Tim has also served on the boards of nearly a dozen national and international cycling associations.


Tim has developed strong relationships with  people from every aspect of bike riding which has helped build better places for bikes.

“Bike riding is a great bonding activity. I've ridden with thousands of people in hundreds of places. Nearly every ride has delivered adventure, unexpected highlights, challenges and personal memories and connections that will last a lifetime.


People in the bike industry are great: Welcoming, funny, humble, hard-working and positive-minded. We all feel grateful to be connected to an activity that generates so much good. 


Just about every person I've met through cycling has developed a deeper connection with the activity as the years go by. It doesn't matter if you start as a racer, an advocate, a recreational rider, a bike messenger or a commuter: the longer you stick with it, the more you appreciate the power of bicycling to change the world.”



Throughout Tim's career he has seen the many benefits that bikes have on the world and we will continue to learn from his experiences and his perspective.

“Bikes promote personal, community and global health. Bikes make people happy. Bikes provide adventure and health. The list of positives is long; the list of negatives is short — almost non-existent. As a versatile, cost-effective mobility tool, bikes provide sustainable access to education, jobs, culture, recreation and deeper connections with people.


It's a big, beautiful planet. Seeing it by bike is the best way.”



The Tim Blumenthal Legacy Fund is a portal for donors to honor Tim's role in furthering PeopleForBikes' vital work. The fund is committed to supporting Tim's passion: making bicycling easier and safer for everyone.


“I feel so lucky to have enjoyed so many different opportunities in the world of bicycling. People have treated me so well and have been so generous and loyal.


So much more needs to be done to make bicycling better. It's important work and PeopleForBikes is doing a lot — more than ever. Please increase your involvement in the years ahead: the benefits will accrue to you, your family, your company, bike riders, plus people and places everywhere. When people ride bikes, great things happen.”

                                                                                                                                —Tim Blumenthal

Donations to the fund will help the PeopleForBikes Foundation address the significant widespread challenges society faces with the solutions that bicycling can offer.

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